6 tricks to give depth and movement to your site

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The experience people have with your website says a lot about your brand. Does it feel fresh, inspiring, solid, or flimsy and stagnant? If it's on the latter side of that scale you might like to try breathing some life into it with some basic layouts and interactions. Here are six of our favourites from some stellar sites across the web.

  • The sticky brand - name or logo stays in place as you scroll. This can give the feeling of a large or sturdy structure as your vision is held by the viewport.
Brisbane Festival

  • The appear - elements appear as they scroll into view. This adds an element of movement to the site while giving it a stable foundation. You can see why they've used it for a programme like Take2!

  • The hover - elements change or appear when moused over. A little mystery, surprise, this one's great for adding something unexpected to your site.
The Enthusiasts

    • The fixed background - image or background stays in place while sections move overtop. If new and change if what you want, this could be for you. The section appears to push through previous content with a clear cut.
    Architectus AU

    • The slider - content wipes across the screen. If you want to show the dynamism of your organisation and what's new, this can be great to show all the things you're up to.
    Tokyobike UK

    • The dual scroll - one side of the screen appears to scroll while the other stays in place. For this one, you can see the example on this page. We like that it gives the feeling of something new to our site, while retaining the integrity of a well-designed component.

    All these effects and more can be achieved using no-code implementations on Webflow and some other website builders. If you'd like help making updates, get in touch.

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